Copy-paste on a Mac is not the same as on Windows

For one week, I have been struggling with a weird problem. Let me summarize. I had an SVN working copy of WordPress. I needed to update this site to the latest WordPress. So I did the same as I always do: downloaded the latest WordPress, extracted it, went inside the wordpress folder, selected all files and folder, copied, then went into my working copy and pasted. I was then asked if I wanted to replace the content and blablabla, I said Yes.

Then, I went in Eclipse to commit my updated working copy, but then I was always getting an error. Something like « … containing working copy admin area is missing ».  I googled the problem, and the solution always seemed to be to delete the problematic folder and do an SVN update after. Which I did, and then I copied back the new WordPress files on top of my working copy. Then the same problem was occurring over and over again.

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