Entering the Mac world

That’s it! I switched to Mac! I have been a happy Ubuntu user for nearly 2 years now. Happy, well, maybe not from the fact that I was using Ubuntu, but more due to the fact I was no more using Windows… However, since the beginning, there always were a few annoying glitches I learned to live with, but which were there, sleeping, always….

For example, I never got the language correcter to work in Open Office. The Linux version of Skype sucks. My printer scanner was half working. The soft phone I wanted to use with my VoIP provider never worked, etc… A lot of little tiny annoying things which, when I think about it, made me unhappy..

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Marc-André talks about ImpressCMS and Microsoft Web App Gallery

A few weeks ago, ImpressCMS was included to Microsoft Web App Gallery. This was a great news for the project as it can now be downloaded and installed automatically with only a few clicks on a Windows Server.

Back in May of this year, Marc-André attended Make Web Not War, Canada’s first cross-plateform web conference showcasing the latest techniques and technologies available to the ever-evolving web community. During that conference, Marc-André explained how ImpressCMS came to be included in Microsoft Web App Gallery (also called Web PI).