Cannot add a Facebook page on HootSuite for iPhone

As I explained recently, I love HootSuite :-). It makes my life easier and it has almost all the features I need to manage my social accounts properly. One of the great things about HootSuite is that it has a very good iPhone app. It made me uninstall the TweetDeck app immediately ;-). Unfortunately, I had a problem that I found the solution for today. [Lire la suite…]

Plaxo for iPhone – not with Google Apps ?

I received an email this morning announcing Plaxo for iPhone now with Address Book Sync for All Plaxo Members. Cool! I’ve been a member of Plaxo for many years, but I never really used it much. It’s yet another social network / contact info service. But an iPhone app could definitely be useful and surely worth a shot.

[Lire la suite…]