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J’ai démarré ce site en 2003, originalement sous le titre La communauté de Zabou et Mal. Zabou, c’est mon épouse, Isabel, et Mal, c’est moi, marcan :). On était dans la jeune vingtaine (hum, hum, en tout cas en ce qui me concerne ;)). Avec le temps, c’est devenu mon blogue personnel où je discute des thèmes qui me passionnent. Puis les thèmes ont changé un peu. Avant, je parlais plus de techno, puis je me suis concentré sur le bonheur, le leadership et l’entrepreneurship.
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Fix Hootsuite Ext: Chrome Extension to improve HootSuite

I’m always looking for ways to improve how I’m doing things. To be able to do more, with less effort. I’m lazy, I know ;-). This week, I found a nice little extension for Chrome that improves a few features on Hootsuite: Fix Hootsuite Ext.

The extension allows to customize a few things in HootSuite, basically to get rid of the things you don’t need and leave more space for what you actually care: the tweets… Here are a few interesting options (and there are others):

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Copy-paste on a Mac is not the same as on Windows

For one week, I have been struggling with a weird problem. Let me summarize. I had an SVN working copy of WordPress. I needed to update this site to the latest WordPress. So I did the same as I always do: downloaded the latest WordPress, extracted it, went inside the wordpress folder, selected all files and folder, copied, then went into my working copy and pasted. I was then asked if I wanted to replace the content and blablabla, I said Yes.

Then, I went in Eclipse to commit my updated working copy, but then I was always getting an error. Something like « … containing working copy admin area is missing ».  I googled the problem, and the solution always seemed to be to delete the problematic folder and do an SVN update after. Which I did, and then I copied back the new WordPress files on top of my working copy. Then the same problem was occurring over and over again.

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Testing Seesmic to manage my social media life

I have been a happy user of Hootsuite for a few months now. Previously, I was using TweetDeck. I started using Hootsuite mainly because it was a web application and not a desktop app. And still today, I’m pretty satisfied with it. But like a real geek that I am, I’m always looking for the next best thing :-).

I’ve been hearing about Seesmic for a while now, but never had the time to give it a test run. Well, last night, I was not sleeping, so why not test Seesmic instead of simply wasting time ;-).

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Entering the Mac world

That’s it! I switched to Mac! I have been a happy Ubuntu user for nearly 2 years now. Happy, well, maybe not from the fact that I was using Ubuntu, but more due to the fact I was no more using Windows… However, since the beginning, there always were a few annoying glitches I learned to live with, but which were there, sleeping, always….

For example, I never got the language correcter to work in Open Office. The Linux version of Skype sucks. My printer scanner was half working. The soft phone I wanted to use with my VoIP provider never worked, etc… A lot of little tiny annoying things which, when I think about it, made me unhappy..

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Cannot add a Facebook page on HootSuite for iPhone

As I explained recently, I love HootSuite :-). It makes my life easier and it has almost all the features I need to manage my social accounts properly. One of the great things about HootSuite is that it has a very good iPhone app. It made me uninstall the TweetDeck app immediately ;-). Unfortunately, I had a problem that I found the solution for today. [Lire la suite…]

Plaxo for iPhone – not with Google Apps ?

I received an email this morning announcing Plaxo for iPhone now with Address Book Sync for All Plaxo Members. Cool! I’ve been a member of Plaxo for many years, but I never really used it much. It’s yet another social network / contact info service. But an iPhone app could definitely be useful and surely worth a shot.

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Marc-André talks about ImpressCMS and Microsoft Web App Gallery

A few weeks ago, ImpressCMS was included to Microsoft Web App Gallery. This was a great news for the project as it can now be downloaded and installed automatically with only a few clicks on a Windows Server.

Back in May of this year, Marc-André attended Make Web Not War, Canada’s first cross-plateform web conference showcasing the latest techniques and technologies available to the ever-evolving web community. During that conference, Marc-André explained how ImpressCMS came to be included in Microsoft Web App Gallery (also called Web PI).

Very old tweets on HootSuite for iPhone?

A few weeks ago, I started to use HootSuite. A very nice web tool to manage your social media « life ». Within a single interface, you can connect to your different Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare accounts. Before, I was using TweetDeck. I liked it a lot… But it was an Adobe Air application. Cute and everything. But desktop application… I don’t like desktop application. I live on the web, so everything I use needs to be on the web! HootSuite meets all my needs AND is a service on the web :-). [Lire la suite…]

Getting Gmail Storage Under Control – Really Needed ?

A while back, I blogged about switching from a desktop email client to the Web version of GMail, or in my case, Google Apps. And after trying it, I could seriously never go back to a desktop client application.

Emails are at the very root of my professional life. It needs to be « in the cloud » and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

I don’t want to download them locally,  update or troubleshoot a local application, and I don’t want a large overhead. And let’s face it; none of the email clients currently on the market can even remotely compete with GMail’s outstanding features like threaded emails, filters, labels and all those cools Labs features.

Unfortunately, this has also created a serious problem.

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